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With years of experience and top-tier experts on board, Blockchain IT serves startup and small to medium-sized and large companies globally. Profound tech knowledge coupled with business understanding is what allows us to create unique solutions that power enterprises, their employees, and customers every day. We stick to the latest industry trends and quality requirements to deliver powerful and secure software that fits corporate environments perfectly and brings positive user experience.

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Full-cycle services that cover every aspect of software engineering.

Agile Software Development
High-quality, custom software development build in agile mindset.
Ethereum Development
Smart contract development. ERC20, ERC721, ERC1400 etc.
Hyperledger Development
Building permissioned networks that are tailored for your consortiums.
Frontend Development
React development for more complex solutions. If you want it even more simple jQuery or pure JS is an option too!
Backend Development
Backend solutions written in number of languages. From standard Node.js and Spring to WebAssembly and Rust.
We believe in building at scale. Automatization is part of our culture. Kubernetes, Ansible, Kafka, Docker, CI/CD, Zookeeper, Jenkins


We are proud open source contributors!

Contributing to multiple projects including ZoKrates (zkSNARKs on Ethereum).
Hyperledger Explorer project and Kubernetes templates for private networks.


If this sounds interesting to you, come work with us! We are always looking for talented people.

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